Phelps, Lyndall

Lyndall Phelps is an artist whose curiosity in the world around us has shaped her artistic output. Describing herself as an enthusiastic amateur of many things, her art practice embraces extensive research and collaboration with a wide range of individuals whose interests reflect her own, from pigeon fanciers to radar scientists. Science, history and the natural world, particularly ornithology, botany and horticulture, are recurring themes. Her work combines a range of media including sculpture, photography, video, sound, textiles, ephemera, multiples and works on paper. The installations are often deliberately playful, sometimes magical and at times surreal. She aims to invite a sense of wonder; that people experiencing her work will be curious and intrigued. Lyndall firmly believes that artists can play a positive and productive role in raising awareness of the many complex issues surrounding nature conservation and species protection.

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