About Us

New Networks for Nature brings together a broad alliance of individuals who in their personal and professional lives draw creative inspiration from the wildlife and landscapes of this country.

We seek to champion our national heritage and also to explore the different media through which it can be understood, represented and celebrated. The group includes writers, scientists, visual artists, musicians, conservationists and academics who meet:

  • To emphasise the sheer diversity of responses to the natural world and ways of placing value on it, beyond the narrowly econometric;
  • To challenge the low priority placed nationally and politically on these key cultural assets; and
  • To make productive links with other individuals and organisations with similar purposes.

New Networks for Nature is a wholly voluntary organization. Founded by Tim Birkhead, Mark Cocker, John Fanshawe and Jeremy Mynott in 2009, it is run by a steering group currently consisting of Amy-Jane Beer, Mary Colwell, John Fanshawe, Ben Hoare, Richard Kerridge, Harriet Mead, Laurence Rose, Michael Warren and Philip Warren.

In January 2016 New Networks for Nature became a registered charity, with the status of a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation). Our trustees are Tim Birkhead, Mary Colwell, John Fanshawe, Jeremy Mynott and Ruth Padel.

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Founders of New Networks, John Fanshawe, Tim Birkhead, Jeremy Mynott and Mark Cocker

“It’s not often you find yourself in a room full of such interesting new friends, with whom you have so much in common. I have rarely, if ever, met so many interesting people in so short a spell.”

John Aitchison, Film-maker and Author


New Networks for Nature aims:

  1. To challenge the low political emphasis placed nationally upon wildlife and nature
  2. To compel a deeper recognition of the central roles played by nature and landscape in the cultural life of this country
  3. To meet and to debate key issues about nature and landscape, and to provide a wider set of products (website, papers, books) to stimulate reflection upon these subjects
  4. To collaborate with like-minded partners and establish events that enable people of all backgrounds to express themselves creatively about nature and place
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