Tyson, Esther

Esther Tyson is an English painter inspired by the natural world. She has been working as a painter since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2003. Esther has been involved in numerous projects worldwide, the most recent of which was in Senegal, West Africa, where she was invited by the BTO to portray the […]

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Sample, Geoff

Geoff Sample was brought up in Northumberland and the Scottish Highlands, where his early ambition was to be a naturalist and live like Gavin Maxwell. After being sidetracked into an education in Classics and a sojourn as guitarist and music producer, he wove the threads together to study and record the ancient culture of birdsong and

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Porteous, Katrina

Katrina Porteous is a poet, historian and broadcaster, much of whose work involves a detailed and loving celebration of the people, landscapes and wildlife of the Northumbrian coast where she lives. She has written extensively about local inshore fishing traditions, and often works in collaboration with artists and musicians, including painter James Dodds (Longshore Drift) and

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Padel, Ruth

Ruth Padel is a poet, novelist and non-fiction author with close links to Darwin, Asian wildlife, and Greece. Her twelve poetry collections include Darwin, A Life in Poems, and We Are All from Somewhere Else, a poetry-and-prose book on animal and human migration quoted in Ebb and Flow, the World Bank’s 2021 report on water and migration. Her prose includes books on tiger conservation, Greek tragedy, and a novel, Daughters of the Labyrinth, set on Crete. Her broadcasting includes

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Mynott, Jeremy

Jeremy Mynott is the author of: Birdscapes: birds in our experience and imagination(2009), described by the Guardian reviewer as ‘the finest book written on why we watch birds’; Birds in the Ancient World: Winged Words (2018), shortlisted for the Wolfson History Prize; Knowing your Place: Wildlife in Shingle Street (2016), arising from a local biodiversity survey; and most recently, with Michael

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Moss, Stephen

Stephen Moss is a nature writer and broadcaster, specialising in birds and British wildlife. In a long career at the Natural History Unit in Bristol, he produced Birding with Bill Oddie, Big Cat Diary, The Nature of Britain, Birds Britannia, and the BAFTA-award-winning Springwatch. His books include include Wild Kingdom, Skylarks with Rosie, and bestselling biographies of the Robin, Wren, Swallow and Swan. He is President of the Somerset Wildlife Trust, and teaches an MA

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Morley, David

David is the award-winning writer of eight books of poetry. His collection The Invisible Gift: Selected Poems won the prestigious 2015 Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry. David won a 2016 Cholmondeley Award from The Society of Authors for his body of work and contribution to poetry. ‘Like opening a box of fireworks; something theatrical happens when

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Meredith, Julian

I transfer images from large planks of wood, I also transfer images directly from objects which are found in the landscape in which I work… deer, feathers, fish etc. A proportion of my work is constructed or drawn on the landscape – fish, cetaceans and more ambiguous images, hundreds of feet long, some permanent and

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Lorimer, Hayden

Hayden explores the modern history of geographical ideas and topographical cultures. His attentions focus on the not-too-distant past, the almost-present and near-future considering the geographical dimensions of a series of themes: landscape, place, nature, fieldwork, ecology, memory, mobility, biography and the life of the senses. He is also a writer and recording artist who uses

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Levy, Ceri

CERI LEVY is a film-maker, who started out making music videos before moving into the world of documentaries. His works include Bananaz, a film about the inner machinations of the group Gorillaz, and the forthcoming The Bird Effect; he is also co-curator of Ghosts of Gone Birds, and therefore a crucial cog in the boids’ creation myth.

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