Vickery, Juliet

Juliet Vickery enjoyed research posts at Scottish Natural Heritage, the University of Edinburgh and the British Trust for Ornithology, following a PhD at Oxford and a Post doc at the University of East Anglia. She moved to her current position of Head of the International Research section in the Centre for Conservation Science at the RSPB in 2009. Working with, and building the capacity of, in-country BirdLife partners, the section is responsible for research that underpins the conservation of threatened sites, species and habitats throughout the world. Her own personal interests include the conservation of Afro-Palaearctic migrant birds, the impact of agriculture on biodiversity, and the impact of invasive non-native species on the island ecosystems of UK Overseas Territories. Juliet has authored/co-authored over 90 scientific publications and is one of the regular contributors to British Wildlife Magazine. She is chair of the Public and Policy Committee of the British Ecological Society and a member of the Government’s Darwin Expert Committee.

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