The Neutrinos

The Neutrinos are an art rock band and created the KlangHaus Arts Collective. As a band they have toured internationally since 2005 to the USA, Canada and Europe. As KlangHaus they created Darkroom, a sound and senses show lasting 15 minutes, performed to one person at a time in darkness with spatialised sound. Developed with climate scientists at the UEA’s Tyndall Centre it was taken to COP26 in Glasgow in November 2021.
Darkroom’s job is not to preach. It is designed to be an emotional wake-up call; a catalyst to stimulate a change in behaviour.
The Neutrinos will talk of Darkroom, the show’s journey to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August and share songs.

COP26 poster image credit Paul Flack
Darkroom Edinburgh Fringe 2023 image credit Paul Flack
The Neutrinos photo credit Nathan Clarke


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