Sutherland, Bill

William Sutherland holds the Miriam Rothschild Chair in Conservation Biology at the University of Cambridge. He has research interests in ecology, conservation and policy-making, and has written or edited ten books and over 400 scientific papers. Having created the OUP series, Techniques in Ecology and Conservation, and the journals Conservation Letters and Conservation Evidence, he set up a gratisscheme to distribute conservation books to students in developing countries. He has been awarded Marsh Awards for Ecology, and for Conservation Biology, and the Scientific Medal of ZSL. He is President of the British Ecological Society, on the Science Strategy Committee of Natural England, and the Advisory Committee of Synchronicity Earth. He is particularly interested in developing links between science and practice including the process of routine horizon scanning, the use of evidence-based conservation such as through the website Conservation Evidence, and as an Associate Fellow of the Cambridge Centre for Science and Policy.

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