Scales, Helen

Helen Scales is an author, documentary-maker and oceans expert. Among her BBC Radio documentaries she’s searched for the perfect wave and explored the dream of living underwater; she’s also discussed the scientific wonders of the deep with Robin Ince and Brian Cox on The Infinite Monkey Cage and donated an aquarium tank of pregnant male seahorses to The Museum of Curiosity. Her latest book, the Guardian bestseller Spirals in Time about seashells and molluscs, was a book of the year in The EconomistNature and The Times, shortlisted for the Royal Society of Biology book award and appeared (narrated by Helen) on Radio 4’s Book of the Week. She teaches marine science at Cambridge University’s Madingley Hall and is scientific advisor for the charity Sea Changers, which supports UK-based marine conservation. Her next book Eye of the Shoal (due out in 2018) follows the trail of fish through the underwater world.

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