Rotherhan, Ian

Ian Rotherham is Professor of Environmental Geography and Reader in Tourism & Environmental Change at Sheffield Hallam University. An ecologist and environmental historian, he is an authority on landscape history and especially on fens, bogs, woodlands, forest and heaths. He has been researching and writing about alien and invasive species, and about urban ecology for many years and is currently working on concepts and ideas of recombinant ‘hybrid’ ecologies and ecological ‘fusion’. He has published over 400 papers, articles, books and book chapters. Ian is an active conservation campaigner, has a popular BBC radio ’phone-in, writes for local and regional newspapers, and works with the media nationally and internationally. He lectures widely to local groups and works closely with the Wildlife Trusts, Natural England, English Heritage, the National Trust and the RSPB. He has a research website and a blog

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