Redmond, Ian

Ian Redmond is a self-confessed gorillaholic and elephile. He studied the famous ‘Gorillas in the Mist’ with Dian Fossey in the late ’70s (and is characterised as The Worm Boy in the movie about her work) and was the first to study and photograph elephants underground (in the subterranean salt-licks of Mt Elgon, Kenya).  In both cases, individual animals he had come to know and trust were killed by poachers.  Ever since, he has campaigned, lectured, written books, made documentaries, raised funds and developed new ways to make the world a safe place for apes, elephants and other endangered species. He initiated, and served as Envoy for, the UN Great Apes Survival Partnership and since 2010 has been an Ambassador for the UN’s Convention on Migratory Species. His work has been recognised with three honorary doctorates and an OBE.

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