Mumby, Hannah

Hannah Mumby is an evolutionary ecologist at the University of Sheffield, and the recipient of a Drapers’ Company Junior Research Fellowship at Pembroke College, Cambridge and a Branco Weiss Society in Science Fellowship. She has travelled across Africa and Asia studying pubertal children, monkeys and most recently, Asian elephants. Her aim is to find out how living for a long time, being very social and having relatively few offspring makes evolutionary sense for these animals. And beyond that, whether we can challenge our perception of human uniqueness by testing whether humans really stand out from other long-lived species. Hannah has a passion for public communication of science and has given school talks, interviews and public seminars in everywhere from a hotel in northern Thailand to a student radio station in Bangalore, India. You can also spot her getting excited about weighing elephants in the documentary “Of Oozies and Elephants” and follow her research on Twitter @Myanmarelephant.

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