Kaul, Kabir

Kabir Kaul: Kabir is a young conservationist, wildlife writer and a passionate advocate for London’s biodiversity. He is an ambassador for the Cameron Bespolka Trust, RSPB Youth Councillor, London National Park City Ranger, Enviro Leader for Enviro Education, and Director of Environment & Conservation for Middlesex Heritage. He has created a popular interactive map, Nature Reserves of London, showing every nature reserve and designated wildlife site in the capital.

Through blogging, writing, public speaking and social media, he brings focus and awareness to the many green and blue spaces in the capital, what he refers to as the ‘Wild Side of London’, and how Londoners can make a difference for the wildlife on their doorstep.

Kabir has been interviewed by several media outlets including BBC Autumnwatch and The Observer, and received the Prime Minister’s Points of Light award in March 2020.

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