Hilbourne, Stephanie

Stephanie Hilborne OBE is Chief Executive of The Wildlife Trusts. Driven by concern for the future of the natural environment, Stephanie’s conviction is that The Wildlife Trusts, which have more than 800,000 members, have a key role to play in its recovery. The Wildlife Trusts comprise 47 individual Wildlife Trusts collectively managing more than 2,000 nature reserves in the UK. Uniquely placed in local communities, Wildlife Trusts (in England) last year provided management advice to more than 5,000 landowners and reviewed over 70,000 planning applications. It was the only conservation organisation actively involved in all four stakeholder groups set up to consult on where Marine Conservation Zones should be sited around England. Stephanie secured a BSc in Biology and MSc in Conservation and went on to facilitate the national coalition Wildlife & Countryside Link before joining Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust in 1998 and becoming Chief Executive of The Wildlife Trusts in 2004.

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