Fisher, Clem

Clem Fisher has been a curator in the Vertebrate Zoology Section of National Museums Liverpool since 1975, having previously worked for the distinguished ornithologist David Snow at the Natural History Museum. Her main research interest is Australian natural history collections 1838–1850, and she is taking up a two-year Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship to work on the important naturalist John Gilbert. Recently she has assisted many of the artists involved in Ceri Levy’s “Ghosts of Gone Birds” exhibitions with access to the Liverpool collections. After looking after them for nearly 40 years, many of these extinct birds – the Liverpool Pigeon, Lord Derby’s Swamphen and the truly remarkable New Caledonian Goatsucker – are now her personal friends. Clem is also interested in archaeological bone, the Nonsense Poet and animal artist Edward Lear, and the history of Toxteth Deer Park. Off-duty she fights weeds on her allotment by the mighty Mersey, and often stays up far too late watching American baseball on TV.

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