Fiennes, Jake

Jake Fiennes is the Estate Manager on the 5,500 acre Raveningham Estate in South Norfolk. He has spent most of his working life in the countryside, about which he is passionate. The Estate’s environmental policy has taken a much more prominent role during his tenure, from the minimum of poorly managed set aside to 20% of the entire acreage. He has committed to a range of habitats, flora and fauna and now farms 170 acres of floristically enhanced grass margins providing a year round food source for birds and mammals whilst also encouraging a wide range of pollinators. 80 acres are enhanced wild bird cover, providing both winter food and spring brood rearing cover for a range of BAPs species. 120 acres are wet grasslands for breeding waders and over-wintering wild fowl. The environmental farm is one the largest and most profitable of his farming operations. The Estate’s farming policy is one of integrating environmental delivery with benefits alongside sustainable food production.

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