Ferraby, Rose

Rose Ferraby is interested in the relationships we have with landscape. She works as an archaeologist, artist and cultural geologist, using these different approaches to explore and narrate sub-surface worlds. Rose currently works as a post-doctoral research associate at the University of Cambridge, co-directing the Aldborough Roman Town Project in North Yorkshire. Beyond the archaeological layers, Rose has dug deeper to look at cultural geologies of the British landscape. Her PhD explored the stone worlds of quarrymen and geologists on the Jurassic Coast, and she published ‘Stonework’ with Mark Edmonds in 2013, a book of poetry and printmaking around the Neolithic axe quarries in Cumbria. Her essay on ‘Gypsum and Alabaster’ formed one of Radio 3’s Cornerstone essays. Rose won the Michael Marks Award for Poetry Illustration in 2017 for ‘The Tender Map’ by Melanie Challenger.

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