Elliott, Joanna

Joanna Elliott has an Economics degree from Cambridge University and an MBA from the London Business School. She spent her early career in banking and management consultancy before deciding to apply those skills to the conservation sector, in which she has worked for the past twenty years. She has lived for extensive periods in Indonesia and Kenya, where she worked on long-term assignments for donors, NGOs and protected area authorities before joining the African Wildlife Foundation as Vice President for Program Design and then DFID as Biodiversity & Rural Livelihoods Advisor. Her recent work has focused on biodiversity-poverty linkages, impact assessment, large scale project design, protected area systems and conservation-business partnerships. Joanna joined Fauna & Flora International in early 2013 as Senior Director, Conservation Partnerships. She is also a visiting Fellow in Biodiversity and Society at the International Institute for Environment and Development and currently serves on DEFRA’s Illegal Wildlife Trade Advisory Group.

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