Davies-Hughes, Dafydd

Dafydd Davies-Hughes is a storyteller. Drawing on a life of work, play and discovery in wild places and a passion for his native Welsh folklore and mythology he weaves stories that stir and tantalise the senses and reveal the magical in everyday experiences. From the wanderings of migrating seabirds and spawning salmon to the hero’s journey – we find in these stories words that inspire and sustain us. You’ll never see this land, these mountains, woods and the rivers and the old stone bridge in the same way ever again. Dafydd shares stories in both Welsh and English, with harp and flute, to communities, at festivals and at schools and colleges and currently runs Felin Uchaf a Cultural and Environmental Education Centre on the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales where he uses storytelling as a tool for enabling people to explore their connection with their landscape, and to help them realise their own visions and aspirations.

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