Cowdrey, Liz

Liz Cowdrey is an Oxfordshire-reared Manchester-degreed violinist, greatly inspired by folk and gypsy musicians in Eastern Europe. She embraces birds’ sound and energetic expressions to enhance developmental creativity through performance, transcription, improvisation and composition. With such scope for behavioural patterns of avian activity (movement and sound) to reveal ‘insightly’ nuances and quirks with corrective healing potential, she endeavours to translate inspirational observations into notes and inflections – literally or creatively. Liz led a violinist’s workshop on style and interpretation in classical music during The Conference of Birds’ residency in Brazil, and has since taken part in birdsong-inspired concerts and tours in Italy, Scotland, England and Spain. The Goldfinch Foundation’s Planet Birdsong-bound activities promise to propel any lifelong love of the natural world, through sound and landscape immersion, across exciting new frontiers.

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