2022 Event CANCELLED

Dear friends

As most of you will be aware the RMT announced a new round of rail strikes on 3rd 5th and 7th November.

Unfortunately, this disruption will impact the NNN event in York so severely we have no option but to cancel the live in-person event. We will be issuing full refunds on all tickets purchased via Eventbrite, and absorbing the booking fees – you should not need to take any further action to get your money back.

The decision is not a one we’ve taken lightly, especially after so many months of planning and effort by our volunteer team in what has already been an extremely challenging year for event organising – and a year in which solidarity among those who love and work for nature has never been more important. But the loss from the programme of several speakers, chairs, members of the steering group and of course a proportion of delegates, will render the event non-viable and as a small charity we would be unable to sustain the financial hit. We are aware of the possibility that the strike may be cancelled but even if this did happen it may not be until the last minute, and the uncertainty is the killer. We apologise sincerely for the disruption to everyone’s plans, and we hope that having acted as fast as was possible there is time for you to cancel and get refunds on travel and accommodation bookings, where these have already been made.

We are looking at various ways to keep the flame of NNN burning bright of the winter until we meet again in Norfolk next year. The first and most urgent of these is an online event on Friday 4th November. This will be a new panel session we’ve been planning over the least two weeks addressing the government attack on nature, which we didn’t even get a chance to announce properly. This conversation is of course incredibly urgent and we will play our part (see details below).

Another point of light is our beautiful souvenir booklet, which has already gone to print, featuring contributions from many of our presenters. You will be offered a souvenir copy of this free of charge – please watch this space for further information on how to claim yours, and details of our online programme.

We know this will be a huge disappointment to many of you, as it is to us. But we can take a leaf out of nature’s ever resourceful resilience playbook and adapt, grow and recover. Or put it another way: survive, thrive and revive.

Please do get back to us if you have any questions we’ve not addressed here

Love to you all from the NNN team

 First online event: Friday 4th November, 4pm.

Live on our YouTube channel and available for watch back thereafter.

The Attack on Nature: who will defend our wild?

Emma Marsh, (RSPB); Kaye Brennan (The Wildlife Trusts); Paul Powlesland (Lawyers for Natureand Lucy Lapwing (naturalist, influencer and activist) discuss how we should respond if legislative changes threaten nature protection.

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