Bran the Raven and Lloyd Buck New Networks for Nature 2018

Bran the Raven at New Networks: Bran will change your mind about birds

Bran is our 8 year old common Raven, he was bred in captivity by our good friend Mike Nolan.  Bran is a huge part of our daily lives, like all our birds, he is part of the family, but Bran is such a cheeky and sweet natured Raven, and you get more of a connection  and bond with him than with most of the other birds.

We go out flying most days, he is a bit like a flying dog, you go for a walk round the fields and he goes off, comes back etc.

This is his favourite time of year, as we love going blackberrying with me, he knows only to pick the ripe ones, and I also pick some and feed them to him, I think he sees this as us pair bonding, sharing a food source.

I cannot imagine life without him now, he is a such a big part of my life, there is something about the bond you get with Ravens, that you do not get with nearly any other bird I have ever kept, except maybe Tilly our Golden Eagle.

He loves his problem solving, so likes nothing better than having a challenge to solve to get to a reward, to me Ravens are incredible and inspiring birds.

Lloyd and Bran

Tim Birkhead will be introducing Bran the raven and Lloyd Buck on  Friday 16 November

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