Mary Colwell

Matthew, Paul

  Matthew Paul was shortlisted for the Pighog Press / Poetry School Pamphlet Competition 2013 and is the writer/editor, with John Barlow, of Wing Beats: British Birds in Haiku. His first collection of haiku, The Regulars, was published by Snapshot Press in 2006 and his second, The Lammas Lands, is forthcoming from the same publisher. He posts a …

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McCracken, Davy

Davy McCracken is Professor of Agricultural Ecology and an Associate of SRUC’s Rural Policy Centre. He has over 25 years’ experience of investigating the relationships between European farming systems and farmland biodiversity. The focus of Davy’s research to-date has revolved around obtaining a greater understanding of the complex ecological relationships between farm management practices and the improvement or maintenance of the biodiversity value of UK and European farming systems.

McNeillie, Andrew

Andrew McNeillie founded the magazine Archipelagoin 2007, and the Clutag Press, which publishes it, more than ten years ago. Of his several books of verse and memoir perhaps best known is his highly-praised addition to the literature of the Aran Islands, An Aran Keening (2001). His most recent book of poems is Losers Keepers (an Agenda special edition, 2011). A …

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McRobert, Lucy

Lucy McRobert is an environmental historian, nature writer, wildlife blogger and Creative Director of the ‘A Focus On Nature’ scheme, which seeks to encourage young people into nature conservation careers in Britain. She gained a First Class degree from the University of Nottingham in 2012, and her final year Dissertation on the nature reserve ‘ideal’ in Britain after the Second World War was awarded the Robert Mellors Prize for English History. Whilst an undergraduate, she was runner-up in BBC Wildlife magazine ‘Nature Writer of the Year’ competition. Lucy has written for Nottinghamshire Today, the Newark Herald, the Ghosts of Gone Birds international art/conservation symposium, 2020 Vision (2012), Birdwatching and BBC Wildlife. Most recently, she has been asked to pen a column in Birdwatch magazine, discussing controversial wildlife topics, and is currently assisting environmentalist and author Tony Juniper in the research of his forthcoming book What has Nature ever done for Britain?, in conjunction with The Wildlife Trusts.

Mead, Harriet

Harriet Mead is an award-winning sculptor and the President of the Society of Wildlife Artists (SWLA). The influence of her late father, the ornithologist, author and broadcaster, Chris Mead, meant it was probably inevitable that she should take an interest in natural history and use it in her work. During her time at the helm of the SWLA, Harriet has worked to broaden their audience and to shrug off the negative connotations of wildlife art. Having worked on various projects with the Artists for Nature Foundation, she also has plans to encourage conservation organisations to make use of the SWLA pool of artists to help bring a different perspective to their projects and to highlight areas of conservation concern all over the world.

Melchett, Peter

  Peter Melchett has been Policy Director of the Soil Association, the UK’s main organic food and farming organization, since 2001. He runs an 890-acre organic farm in Norfolk, with beef cattle and arable seed crops. He is a member of the BBC’s Rural Affairs Committee and was a member of the Government’s Rural Climate Change …

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Meredith, Julian

I transfer images from large planks of wood, I also transfer images directly from objects which are found in the landscape in which I work… deer, feathers, fish etc. A proportion of my work is constructed or drawn on the landscape – fish, cetaceans and more ambiguous images, hundreds of feet long, some permanent and …

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Merritt, Matt

Matt Merritt Matt Merritt is a poet whose books Making The Most Of The Light (HappenStance, 2005), Troy Town(Arrowhead, 2008) and hydrodaktulopsychicharmonica (Nine Arches, 2010) focus on the natural world, and man’s interaction with it. He is a journalist at Bird Watching Magazine, blogs at, and lives near Leicester. For Nature Matters, Matt will read from his collections, …

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Monbiot, George

George Monbiot divides his time between writing for the Guardian and pursuing a number of quixotic projects: generally writing obscure books and campaigning for lost causes. His latest book is Feral: searching for enchantment on the frontiers of rewilding.

Moran, Nick

Nick Moran is a birder. In 2009 he escaped from the grip of teaching Biology in secondary schools to live the dream and now works for BTO, where he runs BirdTrack. He is particularly interested in migration, whether that’s mobilising birdwatchers’ records to better understand the changing patterns of arrival and departure times of migratory species, or scouring the north Norfolk coast in the vain hope of finding a rare vagrant. If you don’t already use the BirdTrack App to log your sightings in the field via a smartphone, Nick will explain why it’s the way forward!

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