Our 2018 Event

Lloyd Buck with Tilly the golden eagle © Tim Birkhead


Creating Connections took place between 15-17 November at the Stamford Arts Centre. It looked at ways in which social media can facilitate shared experiences; how new prose, poetry, music and work in the visual arts can change and enrich our responses to the natural world; what politicians can and cannot do to support conservation; and how our growing knowledge of the ecological needs of creatures such as seabirds can highlight the challenges ahead.

It began with Tim Birkhead in discussion with Wainwright Prize winner Adam Nicholson on his beautiful book A Seabird’s Cry. Over the following two days we heard from Bob Gibbons on flowers and wildlife in Transylvania, a discussion with Mark Cocker on his book Our Place, discussions on new technologies, poetry and activism, and stories on seabirds. We then had a powerful discussion between Caroline Lucas MP, Baroness Barbara Young and journalist Mike McCarthy. The Friday was rounded off with entertainment from Lloyd Buck and his truly wonderful mob of starlings, Bran the Raven and Tilly the golden eagle.

On the Saturday we carried on the diverse theme with sessions on nature writing, soils, stone and peat in art, a debate on predator control for conservation and a musical finale from Paul Winter.

It was an absolute joy to come to the New Networks meeting - I thoroughly enjoyed it, learned so much, and met some wonderful people.

Caroline Lucas

I thought it was absolutely fabulous

Mark Cocker

I enjoyed it so much—our talk, meeting so many impassioned and engaged people, who care about so many of things I care about, and the general confirming sense that to think and worry about these things is important. Ten years of that is really a great achievement and I do hope all of you who have nurtured NNN can pat yourselves on the back for that. It is great institution and long may it continue!

Adam Nicolson

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