Our ninth New Networks for Nature annual event, Nature Matters 2017: Changing Nature, will take place in Stamford, from 16–18 November 2017, at the Stamford Arts Centre.

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For details of our previous annual symposiums please see our Events Archive.

New Networks for Nature

New Networks for Nature is a broad alliance of creative people whose work draws strongly on the natural world. Founded by Tim Birkhead, Mark Cocker, John Fanshawe and Jeremy Mynott in 2009, it is run by a steering group currently consisting of Carry Akroyd, Tim Birkhead, Mary Colwell, Jonathan Elphick, John Fanshawe, Matt Howard, Gill Kerby, Richard Kerridge, Harriet Mead, Jeremy Mynott, Derek Niemann, Kate Risely and Mike Toms.

In January 2016 New Networks for Nature became a registered charity, with the status of a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation). Our trustees are Tim Birkhead, John Fanshawe, Jeremy Mynott and Ruth Padel.

“This ‘coming-together’ in New Networks for Nature is what we desperately need to realise what the natural world means to us – now when we are facing its loss”
   — Michael McCarthy, Environmental Editor
      The Independent