Our Aims

New Networks for Nature aims:

1. To challenge the low political emphasis placed nationally upon wildlife and nature

2. To compel a deeper recognition of the central roles played by nature and landscape in the cultural life of this country

3. To meet and to debate key issues about nature and landscape, and to provide a wider set of products (website, papers, books) to stimulate reflection upon these subjects

4. To collaborate with like-minded partners and establish events that enable people of all backgrounds to express themselves creatively about nature and place

5. To establish (eventually) a regular festival that serves as a larger celebration of landscape and nature by all its myriad stakeholders, from artists and allotment holders, to biologists and choreographers, right through to zoologists

“In the last half century we’ve seen a profound change in the way that people relate to place. In my own coastal village, a generation which knew every inch of the ground intimately, and which derived its identity from working with the natural environment, has given way to one which appreciates nature from behind field glasses, camera lenses and computer screens. It is as if we have become outsiders looking in. This is a crisis – spiritual, intellectual and environmental; and it is exactly this which New Networks for Nature addresses. By bringing together practitioners from across the disciplines, New Networks identifies a fault-line which runs through our culture, and provides a meeting-place where we may begin to create maps and pathways to reconnect us with the things which make us most human.”
   — Katrina Porteous, Poet