New Networks for Nature

New Networks for Nature is a broad alliance of creators (including poets, authors, scientists, film makers, visual artists, environmentalists, musicians and composers) whose work draws strongly on the natural environment.

Its formation grew out of dissatisfaction with the low political priority placed upon nature in the UK. Today our wildlife and landscapes are so often evaluated exclusively in environmental scientific terms when, in fact, they are a resource at the very heart of human creativity. (By this we imply no criticism of the key role played by science in understanding our environment. It is the notion of scientific exclusivity that we seek to challenge).

The multiple impacts of place and the natural world are central to the nationís cultural life. New Networks for Nature wishes to reflect these truths and celebrate them.


Country Diarists Photo © Hugh Warwick

Our sixth annual symposium, Nature Matters: A Sense of Scale, took place in Stamford on 13–15 November 2014.
For photographs, tweets, feedback, summaries, and the full programme please see our Events Archive. For biographies of speakers please see Presenters.

Our next annual event will again take place in Stamford, on 12–14 November 2015. Please see Events for details.